Enjoy the Strawberry at the Peak of Rurukan

A village with the cool air in the district named Rurukan Peak in the East Tomohon, Minahasa regency took a trip from the city of Manado about 1 hour down a winding road.

Just imagine when you are at this altitude, the summit witnessed Tondano expanse of natural scenery of the lake, the town of Mount Klabat Minahasa, Mount Tangkoko, Mount Two Brothers, Unima Hill, and the stunning and incredible Hill of Makawengbeng!

Panoramic view with the cool air that permeates the entire body, the natural attractions are seemed exotic horticulture gardens decorated with strawberries that are organic fruit varieties from California American-run group of creative young people in the village.

They have the idea was originally unique to plant fruit and the exact shape of this heart shape in 2011 ago. And can be a source of income as well as supplying strawberries to the whole area in the city of Manado and Tomohon. Even the other islands are interested in getting their processed fruit products.

Conducting a trip to the islands of northern Indonesia, Manado and surrounding areas in particular, not only to enjoy the beauty of Bunaken area that has been widely recognized, but freshen up at the strawberry farm apparently will not lose its charm. Natural charm that is very promising!

(Various sources Ingrid, Edmund - identitasnews /Images Ingrid, Liny Tambajong)


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