City of a thousand coffee shops, Manggar

They still joke in there, a coffee shop in the town, men and women. It seems that everything went so cheerful, talking and playing cards are provided by the owner of the shop.

Small town, Manggar, in the Eastern Belitung islands, half-finished buildings, and even looks so simple, a tin roof and bamboo walls. Let's come inside, wooden chairs here and there, simple tablecloths plastics. Ah, all look so simple, but the joy can not be bought. All the fun!

Simplicity that characterizes the coffee shop in this small town, tourists from outside like it, drink coffee that has a characteristic flavor of Manggar and cheap. Anyone like the atmosphere in it.

Very cheap enough to Rp 3000, - only, price is really affordable for the people of this island, local residents and the Pacific Islands make them like to hang out in coffee shops.

Come try on one of these coffee shops, crowded in there, even though the weather was overcast and a little coffee can not be friends then? Various options are available, brewed coffee, black coffee, coffee milk, and not have to wait a long time.

Sellers in the store laughing with visitors, coffee milk is delicious, sweet mix of milk and a little bitter taste of coffee. Immediately around the shop keepers are ready again when the coffee has been poured out and offered snacks ready for who wants it.

Seen a large pot, so if a visitor wants to be served quickly, they can immediately get it. Shouts an immediate response from the coffee immediately boiled in a small pot of coffee to order so quickly served.

Vibrant small town, although the coffee itself is imported coffee from Lampung in the form of raw coffee beans. Donations to fry them and making coffee powder and mix with the simple brewed coffee.

All moving rapidly, the city beautiful coffee on a white sandy beach in the coastal Belitung Islands.

(Various sources ADK Suryanto, travelKompas /Images billitonisland, shy-star)


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