Blue and the green aura in Halong Bay

A friend sent photos of her trip to Vietnam on a social networking site, oh... Privilege for her to get this special moments of traveling there.

Halong Bay has also been awarded an official part of the New 7 Wonders of the World Nature addition to six other special places in the world, including the Komodo in Indonesia.

About three hours drive to reach the region of Halong Bay from the city of Hanoi, attractive scenery on both sides of the road past the traditional markets are very crowded. And when you arrived in Halong Bay, humm... The view!

Located in the northern part bordering the waters of China, it was cool temperate climates, in some junk boat or the wooden ship looks as if beneath the waters adorn.

The air was really cool little misty landscape along the eye could see, the mountain limestone and the calm sea of green is really spectacular. Halong Bay is a bay with water that is green is equipped with limestone mountains, karst.

The word literally Ha Long Bay means "bay where the dragon drop", an ancient old legend, when Vietnam was at war with China, the dragon family down to earth and help the people of Vietnam. Interesting!

Look at the ships dock waiting for passengers, the ship prepared to sail with it. Enjoy the beauty of the karst islands in a sea of ​​blue-green and bright blue sky.

Thousands lined the fog blanketed karst islands in the sea, will be many interesting opportunities there, bat cave, the charming floating villages, the seductive culinary tastes, crabs, fish, squid, clams all baked and ready to eat.

Halong Bay, romantic and save the pinch of mystery.

(Various sources Woro Anjokrowati /Images W Anjokrowati)


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