Borobudur Interhash 2012

An events that incorporates several elements, fit, fun, and friendly. Right! This events was, Borobudur International Hash House Harriesh 2012 (Interhash 2012) - 22-27/5, very closely with the cheerful atmosphere and alloy sports, especially running outdoors.

Even a minister of tourism in Indonesia, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Marie Elka Pangestu expect this event to raise and promote tourism in Indonesia such as Java and Prambanan, Borobudur, and the surrounding area which is a tourist destination has to offer outside of Bali, she said today.

This route starts from the show Village Tuksongo, District of Borobudur, Magelang, is expected to excite the atmosphere around the temple in Central Java. An event of cross-nation gathering, always interesting because the participants could imagine the excitement.

Participants from 42 countries participating reached 7000 participants can enjoy the atmosphere of Borobudur and the nature of interest, as said by the minister himself, citing news travelKompas, "Offered a great place for organizing interhash. So the participants can enjoy everything, culture, historical heritage, atmosphere natural, rice fields, see arts and culture, and indigenous communities," she said.

Interesting events since from before the event starts or during the implementation, running and testing the resilience of the body in the atmosphere of the countryside would provide its own nuances. Run, run and run!

(Various sources of T Hastanto, BHHH, travelKompas /Images Wahid Ar)


  1. that's a really nice info.. i hope this event could make a good impact to Indonesian tourism, especially Java..

    1. Hope can be realized in the middle of the vulnerability of domestic bureaucracy... Thank you for visiting...


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