Tahuna Bay, the mangroves in the middle of town

A place on the northern tip of Sulawesi island, the enchanting islands of Sangihe with ocean views everywhere, to achieve it was through the sea. True, it is located on the waterfront and who want to get there, of course, through the Tahuna Dock.

Could use an airplane? It could be if you want, because the available aircraft are small aircraft with its noisy sounds, Dash-8 type from Manado-Melonguane-Tahuna airline, so prepare yourself if the need to wear ear protection when riding. Can also be found Casa 212 pioneering flight by Merpati Nusantara and Wings Air airline.

Although the remote does not mean you can ignore it, 10-12 hours drive north of the city of Manado to the Tahuna city and natural beauty of the sea with the beach that gives a sense of awe.

The atmosphere that you feel is the typical atmosphere with the scent of the sea breeze blowing gently cradles, but gusts of wind can be so hard. No need to hesitate when it arrives, look for Sangir Talaud culinary delights, grilled fish and incredible spicy of rica-rica. Hold your tongue will melt spicy!

A thrilling journey watching the waves breaking hit the beach, the waves are so strong determination have shaped the character of the locals there, they were building a breakwater wall, "There should be a breakwater is built along the relatively long bridge may collapse because Tidore when a storm like this continuity," said village leaders Tidore Village, A Janis.

Area of swamp and mangrove forest in the middle of town with easy to find, stretching from Batulewehe, Tidore and Towo'e, so often referred to as the "Swamp Region Barito".

This area is, by most people of Tahuna, regarded as typical and historical proof of the folklore about the origins of Tahuna, the story of King Tatehe Woba in the past.

Mangrove ecosystems also protect the diversity of marine life found in the waters of the Tahuna Bay. Also in the middle of the mangrove swamp area also live many species of birds that rely heavily on the preservation of existing mangrove.

Noted there are about seven species of water birds who depend on these mangrove swamps. There are several types of egrets or better known as the local community with the name "bahoa", and some kind of king prawns and cakakak.

Exotic small town on the other end, the existence of mangrove forests may be maintained there. An interesting city to visit for those who like adventure.

(Various sources HarianKomentar, blogburung /Images Liny Tambajong)


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