The Most Hated Cities, but still missed!

Imagine yourself as a tourist who will start your visit, would have to prepare everything. Any details about the purpose to learn and of course imagine all that is expected to occur.

Travelers have a personal opinion about the destination, although there will probably find it desirable, to disappoint, but there is always a sweet impression left in their heart.

There is an article written in a famous tourist site recently, to label the 10 cities in the world who deserve to be hated in terms of travel and tourism activities. As quoted from the travelKompas site, June 15, 2012, article titled "World's 10 Most Hated Cities" at the CNNGO site, Jakarta placed seventh in the top 10 most hated city. Sarcasm immediately placed in the opening sentence in a review of the city which was named Batavia is in the photo caption. "Jakarta is great if frustration is your favorite emotion," the article reported on June 11, 2012.

Further on the site, Jordan Rane, the author, still assessing Jakarta save tremendous potential as a destination for travelers. However, all this potential to be masked due to the obstacles are real, but unexpected. Obstacles mentioned, among other things, the city was organized and decorated with congestion, pollution, poverty people, and the streets are no clear directions.

Even for the city of Jakarta, he wrote in the closing sentence, "Mall plague in Jakarta".

Ah, it's about Jakarta, what about the nine other cities, each city would have a negative impression for the tourists who visit it, but please believe there is always a special impression after invited themselves, rather than just read through this article, isn’t it?

Especially when it knows the old city of Jakarta, called Batavia, it's always wanted to come back. Even the lure of its culinary, taste on the tongue as if nothing will be lost pleasures!

We are certainly as tourists in a season, has always had a dream to visit Los Angeles, or even Paris, Sydney and other cities, surely?

Here's a list of cities in the world's most hated CNNGO version, a subsidiary of CNN's:

1. Tijuana, Mexico
2. Sydney and Melbourne, Australia
3. Paris, France
4. Timbuktu, Mali
5. Los Angeles, United States
6. Lima, Peru
7. Jakarta, Indonesia
8. New Delhi, India
9. Cairo, Egypt
10. Belize City, Belize

(Source CNNGO, travelKompas /Images Manu Kretyawan, R Harto)


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