5 Best Restaurants in Asia

Based on the assessment of the culinary website, The Daily Meal

A walk, anywhere to enjoy a variety of local uniqueness has become an integral part of the activities of traveling, especially when dealing with hunting activities typical culinary tourist, city or a country.

You certainly want to know where a special meal, might want to stop by when it comes desire, try the menu being served or even just enjoy the atmosphere. As performed by The Daily Meal sites are then released 101 best restaurants in Asia, you might want to know.

This activity in some time ago, in September 2015, along with a number of professional panelists consisting of a food critic, culinary journalist, to food bloggers to assess 520 restaurants in 15 Asian countries, and the results interesting to know.

Through a series of fairly rigorous assessment, results can be obtained for the five best restaurants in the region.

1. Tim Ho Wan - Hong Kong. You can try the unique taste of the classic dim sum that feels fresh, with a menu mainstay in the form of BBQ pork sandwich, crispy outside and juicy inside. They have a chef with a Michelin star awards, Mak Kwai Pui.

2. Din Tai Fung - Taiwan. Is the mainstay of their famous menu, typical Shanghai steamed dumplings. In this restaurant you can try Xiao long bao with 18 folds and was made in the presence of visitors, feels supple and savory.

3. Lung King Heen - Hong Kong. Can be found on the 4th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, serving a variety of dim sum and seafood. Do not hesitate to try their flagship menu, crispy scallops with pear and Yunnan ham, roast pork, roast goose, and Australian Wagyu.

4. Takazawa - Tokyo. Restaurant that stands as the work of Chef Yoshiaki Takazawa, 2005. Its uniqueness is only serving 10 visitor with 9 special meal at night. In this place you will find a great variety of menus, such as foie gras crème brulee with pear sauce and curry-flavored ice cream.

5. Whampoa Club - Shanghai. This is the place to eat Chinese classical innovative, worthy of consideration, various menu mainstay of Chef Bill Ng. They have Signature dish Whampoa Club as a mainstay menu in the form of crab meat and roe with pork dumplings and bean curd with vegetable broth. Visitors are still given special services, choosing 50 kinds of premium teas served in a traditional tea ceremony, maybe one day you will be present at this special place.

Places to eat great results of a survey of professionals with various aspects of assessment include the type of cuisine, service or decor of the restaurant, price worthiness, and use of local materials.

(Source AA Dwi Rahmawati - detikFood, The Daily Meal /Images M Paath Djojonegoro, N Pomegranate Gurning)


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