Avoid Upload Photos Boarding Pass to Social Media

A new habit that is often done by the users of social media are invited risks

At the airport of Sydney

Perhaps too excited going to travel to a tourist destination, the desire to convey details on the trip to friends in the social media, shows the real excitement is okay, but something lurking behind it.

Upload a photo boarding pass and travel, it invites the danger that you might not expect, believe there is something there that is dangerous.

Many questions immediately arise, such as what are the risks that may be present, but many eyes are watching you, as quoted from the website Huffington Post, you should not upload photos of your boarding pass to the social media.

Well, what is it?

As stated by the article on the site, Brian Krebs, technology security experts, revealed that uploading a photo of your boarding pass will provide complete information about the data yourself. Why is that?

Because usually a boarding pass shows a lot of your personal data, such as barcodes on the tickets clearly visible, all of your personal data and flight data 'hidden' behind the barcode. Furthermore Krebs said, "Two-dimensional barcode and QR code is storing a lot of information. And the code is printed on the boarding pass will make a person look for data about you, plan ahead and account for your flight."

True, isn't it? Imagine the sheet boarding pass stated clearly, such as the first name and the last name of the passenger, the passenger origin and destination. In addition, tickets are also usually includes frequent flyer number.

Well, you certainly do not want your personal data does not fall to the person responsible, online thieves snoop your data to commit fraud. Then frequent flyer number could be misused to access one's account to change or disrupt itinerary original owner and even worse data theft.

Should avoid from the outset, perhaps the excitement of the trip can be done in a different way, because the barcode to save a lot of things, for example related to other personal data, such as email, home address and phone number.

So? Still must upload the photo, if you want to share the joy with your friends on social media, but be careful not to look its barcode.

Happy Traveling!

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesia CNN, Huffington Post /Images J Sitompul, N Rosdiana)


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