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Based on the study of TripIndex Breakfast 2015

New York in the morning

That's how things usually are often made by tourists who are traveling in a major city of the world, looking for a good hotel with cheap breakfast, it is the desire of most of the traveler who booked the hotel room was a package with breakfast.

Naturally we can know their reasons, especially if not to save expenses. After all, breakfast can be done somewhere else cheaper. Because staying in a hotel complete with breakfast package, will give a heavy price, so that various methods are used by tourists to look for a cheaper solution.

You should find the best way, being careful not to pay dearly, because the error will affect the price of the hotel plus breakfast can be more expensive. The free breakfast in the morning is a dream place to stay, right?

Although there is an ingenious way, with little effort to walk out of the hotel and get breakfast much cheaper.

Central Park, New York

As the results of research from TripAdvisor and Ipsos to determine the price of the hotel room package with breakfast, it is known then the three countries with the price of the hotel and breakfast is the most expensive.

New York City. The average room price without breakfast ranges from USD 534 per night.

Tokyo. The price of an average hotel room without a sumptuous breakfast in the hotel restaurant around USD 410 per night.

Paris. The average price of the hotel without breakfast was USD 395 per night.

Ginza, Tokyo

A clear picture, so that tourists can make some reference when you want to travel to countries other tourist destinations. As for tourist destinations of Asia, can be seen in the major cities such as Tokyo, known as the city with the price of the expensive hotel, so that tourists will make some adjustments there, because by adding USD 7.3, you can enjoy a full breakfast as a package stay at hotel.

In addition to the city of Dubai, the average price per night plus breakfast USD 358, then the city of Hong Kong at a price of USD 293 per night. Travelers can expect all things including the budget well, because at the end of travel is everything blends including with surprise.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, TripAdvisor /Images N Jalil, L Priyanti, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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