Eiffel Tower More Shining Welcomes The Fashion Week

Marked the beginning of the Paris Fashion Week from 2 to October 7, 2015

You will enjoy different things these days when taking a walk in the tourist area of ​​Paris, especially when looking at the flickering lights increasingly glowing around the Eiffel Tower is decorated with beautiful lights.

The light radiating in different directions, as if laughing happily welcome the interesting events in the performance of the leading apparel fashion designer who comes from the city, such as Pierre Cardin, Chloe, Dior and others.

Maybe you will be a little wonder around the garden tower, when people take the time to relax, a romantic city, so the aura that is felt by most tourists. Dream city for couples who are in love, the magic of the city that have penetrated into the heart, enjoy the city of Paris from its romantic side.

In fact, maybe one day you want to honeymoon or will be applying for a lover can be used as an idea.

Sparkling lights mounted on towers 324 meters high it is to signify that the fashion week event, Paris Fashion Week has begun. Romantic aura radiated also in the works classy, ​​fashion city which became the headquarters of some of the famous fashion brands such as Chanel, and Christian Dior, have 'invaded' by impressions posters slogan "Fashion Loves Paris" and projected on the graceful tower.

Townspeople and tourists will be attracted by the charm, the lights were toying with lovely, welcoming stage fashion show summer or autumn of 2016, according to excerpts from the Channel News Asia.

You will be one of the lucky ones, when present together with all citizens, enjoy the show the lights on the Eiffel Tower every night, until the end of the fashion show moments.

(Source F Adzani - Indonesia CNN, Channel News Asia /Images Asti Soekirno, Indah Ariani)


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