Applications 'Yes I speak touriste' launched for tourists in Paris

Providing an interactive map showing the location of, for example restaurants and hotels

Eiffel Tower

Well, this is a gadget-based services on your smartphone, you might one day visit to France, was launched to help tourists find certain areas are desirable, easy and fun, definitely.

The application is available for tourists, such as an excerpt from the Lonely Planet site, to help the foreigners who do not speak French was relieved.

Seine River Cruise

The street of Paris

When you perform such installation, then give it a try, you can select the appropriate language you prefer - available in nine languages, and then choose a location where they can find fellow speakers of Chinese, Arabic, and English. For example, when they chose Mandarin, there are about 20 addresses will appear, including a pharmacy stores.

An idea which is then applied by the French Commerce Agency, in conjunction with this application available also guide and website to contain a list of locations that are prepared by the chamber of commerce and tourism council areas in France, carried out at the beginning of the peak tourist season in summer, of course.

The right time to travel to Paris, for example, applications that are available on your smartphone, free for Android and iOS phones. Paris is so far included in the rankings as the most visited city in the world, every year.

(Source Windratie - CNN Indonesia, M Paath Djojonegoro - Paris /Images R Rumambi, M Paath Djojonegoro)


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