Barcelona Stop Issuing Permits for Tourism Accommodation

Such as hotels/hostels, holiday apartments and rental homes

The presence of an extraordinary number of tourists does not seem to be a blessing for the residents of the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, given the frustration to the 1.6 million inhabitants of the city for the high number of tourists that coming to the city.

City local government is working hard to develop rules that can reduce the impact of tourism sector continues to increase up to five-fold from a visitor in 20 years ago, that the level of tourist arrivals reached more than seven million people every year.

Barcelona was dazzling in the eyes of the tourists of the world, let's say you will be able to enjoy the show Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi, Park Guell, and Las Ramblas.

The presence of tourists in the city have a negative impact, for example, indirectly increasing rental rates and the level of noise, thereby quote an article from The Guardian, more distant location of the old town has lost about 13 thousand citizens over the past eight years.

Local government is forced to do, they will think of the next step for the citizens of the city in the coming year, 2016. As Mayor Ada Colau said, "This town needs to be regulated. Until now tourism policy has been drawn up little by little."

Tourism is making significant contributions to the region, tourists in Barcelona at least spend around £ 18 million per day, but on the other hand gave an adverse impact on local residents, so that the necessary steps to accommodate tourists breakthrough more evenly throughout the city.

Source: Windratie - CNN Indonesia, The Guardian
Images: E Puspa


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