England Push the Culinary Business Announce the Calorie Levels

According to the provisions and recommendations of the Local Government Association (LGA)

You'll soon find a different atmosphere when visiting the Britain, let's say you want to travel to London, the British government called on all things food-related businesses, such as restaurants and cinemas in the UK to feed that information related to the number of calories contained in each serving of food.

This is in line with the new regulations that have been applied by the United States government regulations that apply in each package calorie labeling since a year ago, so this step is considered a positive thing for daily life for anyone.

As a traveler, you can try it yourself, when you can visit restaurants and other public places, and will make you consider yourself to participate, while just setting foot into the Queen Elizabeth's country.

Even in a wider sense, the cases of health such as obesity that makes a decrease in productivity, the role of a variety of culinary-based business can make a positive contribution and demonstrated leadership role, as presented by Councillor Izzi Secombe, head of healthy living community of the LGA.

Well, maybe one day you are in London, traveled in a misty day, do not be surprised if you see a clear and correct labeling of food to be eaten. It was nice, for sure!

(Source Hanna A Samosir - CNN Indonesia /Images L Priyanti, Pingkan Djayasupena)


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