Traveled to Greece during the Crisis becomes Cheaper and Easy

Due to the bankruptcy that plagued the State of the Gods

Sunset over Oia, Greece

Of course we follow the world news lately being struck Greece, the post declared unable to pay debts amounting to US $ 1.7 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) at the end of June, would be great news for the world of tourism.

Do you still consider Greece as a tourist destination in the future? In fact tourism could be one way of helping the country's tourism, because tourists contribute moment they set foot, this country need cash brought in by the foreign tourists will fill the treasury stores that are in financial difficulties.

This country deserves the support of tourism, given its uniqueness, the presence of tourists would be the right medicine, they are advised to carry a lot of cash, the banks are closed, ATM machines is limited only to 60 euros, although credit cards from foreign banks still can applies.


Greece is still worth considering as a tourist destination, you can use local airlines from Greece with discounts up to 40 percent for foreign tourists who want to visit. In other words, all is still going on as usual, only the functions of state are closed, daily life is running normally, even state security levels in good control secure domestic level with Norway, Finland, and Israel.

State of the Gods, with a friendly weather environment, beautiful beach in mid-summer, and of course the Greek local residents with a friendly welcome the arrival of foreign tourists to their country.

(Source A Puspita Sari – CNN Indonesia /Images L Pandjaitan, E Widi)


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