Global Warming Increases Airfare More Expensive

A recent study from Nature Climate expose new factors that damage the fly comfort

As travelers who frequently travel to various tourist spots in the world, traveling by plane has become a norm, and not have to wonder when the tourists will encounter a variety of situations distracting and annoying.

From a study later obtained surprising results, it turns out global warming is the main enemy of the flight, which raised questions about it.

Citing articles on Thrillist site, of course keep in mind that global warming produce carbon emissions, the surrounding atmosphere becomes warmer, and cause a buildup of wind on the plateau. Such a situation has negative impact on the rate of deceleration of the aircraft, so that the aircraft will undergo a longer trip and more distant.

Likewise, in the present study showed that headwinds due to global warming over the Pacific led to the addition of a few minutes for every increase in 10 mph wind speed.

In other words, aircraft fuel is needed as well so more and more, and have a direct impact in the end will make prices soar so well.

Indeed, this research still uses the west coast of America as a base of research, it remains only a matter of time when there is another part of the rest of the world, such as Europe and Asia region.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia, Thrillist /Images B Pratikto, J Tobing)


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