Countries with the Most Good Weather In The World - 2

Travelers will consider certain things in their way, like the weather

Himeji Castle, Japan

No doubt when the tourists will consider many things, some things including the weather at the destination, the ongoing season as well as the surrounding nature.

Certain countries in the world have something typical of the natural, thus becoming one of the attractions, such as snow or perhaps vast expanse of tropical forest into a tremendous charm.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Connecting the article in the first part of this blog, appropriate quote from an article in the Huffington Post, of the following places worth considering as a tourist destination with exceptional weather when you traveled.

Best snow - Japan. The country was in a stretch of sea, mountain elevation, and got a gust of cold air from Southeast Asia. Geographically, it is advantageous, as it became the location of the best snow in the world.

Most tropical - Brazil. This is where you get the typical warmth and humidity of the tropics, be compelling for world travelers. Brazil is a country with a tropical rain forest area of 2.9 million kilometers, so it is called as the most tropical country in the world.

Sky most unsightly - Canary Islands. Country off the coast of West Africa who become lovers paradise scenery in the sky, the blue sky and its completeness. They deserve has been named as the country with the most beautiful view of the sky according to the recommendations of the Roque de los Muchachose Observatory on Caldera de Taburiente National Park.

The most clean air - Iceland. Beautiful country to the north of the vast expanse of forest, but a little population. This country has the air pollution regulations are very strict, so they are touted as the country with the cleanest air on Earth's surface.

Who does not want the trip, traveled and obtain the best things from the trip with family or closest friends around us. Places above are worthy of consideration in planning excursions in the times to come.

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(Source HA Samosir - Indonesian CNN, Huffington Post /Images P Widi Hatmi, N Ginting)


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