Packing Your Clothes in a Suitcase for More Efficient

Trick when will pack all the clothes into a suitcase

Sightseeing trips closer and you getting impatient, so when will pack the clothes, you do it in a hurry and become irregular.

Sure you do not want something like this to happen, arrange clothes in the suitcase is an art in itself, as well as the block game.

You are expected to have little patience to sort out, as well as the block game. Your suitcase is not only to put the clothes, but also a variety of other purposes, such as shoes and even toiletries.

Here are some tricks are necessary, citing an article from the Real Simple site, so that you become more efficient suitcase and looks neat.

1. Cover with plastic. Plastic coated on the very basic/down of suitcase, and after the clothes inside the suitcase, doing the same thing at the top, it is necessary that your clothes do not tangle and prevent the seepage of water when it rains.

2. Shoes at the very bottom. Determine footwear or heavy objects along the wheel or in part along the wheel, then wrap the shoes and jewelry in a special pouch facing side of the suitcase. At the top will be put hairdryer or toiletries and is near the wheel (for women).

3. On the other, in the middle. Immediately stacking clothes that had been rolled up, until it feels solid, then plan to be put in the middle of the suitcase.

4. Clothes are in the second layer. Place the folded clothes, pants, skirts and more. The side that is still felt vacant, left/right suitcase, put the belt so that its side was balanced.

5. In the third layer. Place a thick sweaters, jackets and shirts that had been folded neatly.

6. The top part. The most 'vulnerable' (easily wrinkled) clothes, for example, thick dress or bra (for women).

7. The separate compartment in the suitcase. Specify here as a toiletry, and jewelry.

8. Section corner of the bag. Put a swimsuit, socks, and scarves.

9. In addition in the middle of the suitcase. For goods that are perishable, in which the movement will not be too pronounced.

Basically you need to feel at ease when preparing the clothes in the suitcase, should not be done in a hurry, so you can do it on 2-3 days in advance. We wish you the best of your trip and would be fun.

(Source CA Setyanti - CNN Indonesia /Images Jenny, Ni Kdk R Riyanti)


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