Ways to Overcome Fear of Flying

Plane has become the norm today, but not for certain people

And travel has become a common thing, so the frequency of the use of aircraft is considered to be an effective means for traveling to a tourist spot, but this can be an obstacle if someone feels uncomfortable on the way by plane.

Citing articles on a website, India Times, provide some way out that can be considered for anyone who is afraid of using airplanes.

Keep your body feel relaxed. This is the main thing, in order to be comfortable journey. You can make arrangements breath, so the body feels relaxed, think about pleasant things, about good food and not think of anything negative.

You can do a favorite activity.Do something, such as reading, if you like, provide from the airport prior to boarding. Listen to songs is also good, or maybe watch a movie. And, many other activities, such as inviting friends next to you to talk for a while.

Soon find out, in which part of the airframe you sit. Suppose you were near the emergency exit, can soothe your feelings, or maybe in the back seat and so on, by knowing where you sit can occupy the mind, and forgotten that the plane has taken off smoothly into the sky.

No need to worry about the turbulence. It is indeed made many people fear, overcome quickly, because the turbulence is natural events happen, it is just like when you ride a car and then the car rocked as it passes through uneven roads, due to the paving process is not smooth.

Sightseeing trip should be fun, you can prepare yourself better. There's always a surprise in every trip, including travel by plane.

Enjoy your trip and have a save flight!

(Source Kompas Travel, India Times /Images SIA, Garuda Indonesia)


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