Selfie and upload at Mount Fuji in the late summer of this year

Japanese government responsive for the purposes of tourists visiting

Mount Fuji

Indeed many ways for local tourism authorities in providing services for tourists, such as might occur in the area around the border between Yamanashi and Shizuoka, Japan, famous mountain as high as 12389 feet.

Mount Fuji with a visit about 300 thousand tourists with special interests, soon have WiFi access for all travelers and climbers, local authorities respond to this need, selfie, as if to say to the tourists, "Come take pictures, then send your photos to social media! "

The Climber at Mount Fuji

So it was then, the Japanese Tourism Board with the support of the Japanese telecommunications company NTT Telecom Inc., hopes the move could encourage people to share their photos and experiences through social media.

Citing an article from Time's website, eight hotspot at Mount Fuji, as well as WiFi facility which allows the climber to know weather information, communicate and stay safe around the mountainous region.

One day you can visit there, wherever you are, lodge, resort, and at the top of the climb, the service connection is available, all safe and comfortable is on the mountain.

(Source Windratie – CNN Indonesia, TIME /Images N Ginting)


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