Woman Tourist Killed As Bungee Jumping

A British tourist, Kleyo De Abreu, was killed in Spain

She was often do this sport, bungee jumping, an extreme sport that is able to boost your adrenaline. As usual we found the young women at that age, she is even frequent visits to various places.

But this time, no luck for her, Kleyo De Abreu, quoting the article on the website of The Independent, a British citizen with a background in South African and Portuguese descent, grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, before finally moving to London to study fashion.

She had decided to spend the summer vacation in Morocco, then stop in Spain to visit Gabriela, her aunt.

An action performed on one of the bridges in Tablate Bridge (Spain - Puente Tablate), Granada, Spain, on Tuesday, July 21, 2015, she has managed to jump the first time, and still has the desire to repeat, but this time there is a mistake to calculate the length of rope, Miss Abreu hit one of the Roman bridge that spans over the river.

Gabriela, the only eyewitness, shouting loudly, jumps from a height of 80 meters banging her to the walls of the ravine at the side of the bridge, Miss Abreu can not be helped.

A day full of sadness, her aunt and family immediately took care of her body, with the assistance of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Spanish authorities. RIP Kleyo De Abreu!

(Source HA Samosir - CNN Indonesia, The Independent /Image Kleyo FB Pages)


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