WiFi and Mobile Phone Prohibited in This Town

A town called Green Bank, which is in West Virginia

Green Bank Telescope - Courtesy of NRAO/AUI

One day you are on tour in the America and for some reason, maybe you arrive in this state, West Virginia, in the United States, a city which legally prohibit the use of radio transmitting apparatus in order to facilitate scientific research and military intelligence.

How implications for newcomers, say the tourists who might have curiosity, to prepare, when it started to go to the city, the sound of the car radio will slowly disappear replaced with white noise as a sign of the transmission loss, as well as bar mobile phone signal was lost.

Like being in the middle of the forest, is not it? Precisely here lies the sensation, because you feel like going back to a time in the past.

Special town in a different way, you can find giant telescope known as the Green Bank Telescope (GBT), and in the area of the US National Radio Quiet Zone, you will see two sets of giant telescope, which is one owned by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and belonging of the National Security Agency (NSA).

Of course, a trip to this city requires a separate preparation, both physically and mentally, because you will feel a different atmosphere, due to provisions that apply to all residents and visitors, especially for ski sports fans, at Snowshoe Mountain ski area, which is not far from the this town.

(Source YH Widiartanto – Kompas Tekno, The Guardian /Image NRAO/AUI)


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