Hotel for Tourists Who Want to 'Test of Courage'

Natura Vive Skylodge in the walls of Mount Sacred Valley

This is a decent hotel for the brave man in the world, worth a try while adventuring in height walls and slopes of the mountain, earnest to test the guts for anyone interested travelers.

A place in Peru, or rather in the mountains Sacred Valley, Cuzco, where the hotel rooms, such as Skylodge Adventure Suites, have been designed in such a way, stick to the walls of the mountain, citing articles of the Mashable site.

It feels horrible for hotel guests, just imagine when you want to go the hotel room, you use a harness (the rope to climb) at an altitude of 400 feet. Entered the room with a maximum capacity of eight people, can use the stairs or any hanging rope and got a room with a rate of about US $ 300 per night.

You must be wondering, because the hotel that stands in June 2013 is the first hotel with luxurious rooms in a dependent position in the wall of the mountain, the first in the world. Rooms are very compatible with the surrounding environment, similar to a space ship made of aluminum shipbuilders space and weather-resistant polycarbonate material.

And travel wherever certainly have a special experience for tourists, so stay at a hotel like this, you will experience a different and very challenging experience, for the brave human beings.

Of course.

(Source CA Setyanti - Indonesian CNN, Mashable /Images Natura Vive Skylodge)


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