Malioboro Festival 2015 in Yogyakarta

Took place for the 6th time on July 24 to 26


This is a show that is guaranteed to be a festive occasion in a special city with a very strong cultural background and still adhere to the traditions of Java, Yogyakarta, located in the middle of the island of Java, Indonesia.

Perhaps you can consider to be present at this event, which is capable of giving a sensation for tourists, as well as attendance at various shopping centers ranging from trinkets pretty unique souvenirs, classic batik, gold and gems, until supplies household appliances.

Malioboro Street, Yogyakarta

A variety of natural attractions and cultural traditions, such as the exotic beaches of Parangtritis, Indrayanti, Krakal and Drini Beach, even you can visit interesting places in Stage of Krapyak, witnessed the uniqueness that is present in the Palace of Yogyakarta, Tugu area and Mount Merapi.

Indrayanti Beach

Be smart to bargain when you want to obtain handicraft items and souvenirs, is an exciting moment when you walk on the shoulder of the road, while bid miscellaneous goods offered by street vendors, a variety of locally made souvenirs, such as batik, rattan ornament , silver, bamboo crafts, puppets, blangkon (traditional unique cap from the Javanese), a miniature traditional vehicles, accessories, to small ornaments of keychains.

Well, the Malioboro Festival will provide everything for tourists, art performances of indie music, symphony music, arts communities, handicraft products, performance apparel, local culinary riches, structuring and tidying lesehan places along the street of Malioboro, coloring contest, exhibition of precious stones, as well as the band's performance from the young age.

Icon of the city of Yogyakarta, Malioboro, as the magnet for anyone who has ever, even've never visited, just from the stories of others. Yet complete for you, if it has not been to Malioboro, that is for sure.

(Source Kompas Travel, Tribune Yogya /Images W Ar Photography, Yuni MoTin)


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