Malioboro is a Long Way for Travelers

Malioboro in Yogyakarta is a tourist icon, yore just a lonely road with tamarind tree growing in the right and left side, which is used by the people who want to Sultanate Palace. Has now become the pulse trade and shopping centers on either side of the road.

The busy street of Malioboro

In Malioboro street, you can buy a variety of items ranging from beautiful trinkets, unique souvenirs, classical batik, gold and jewels to household appliances.

Malioboro in the night time

Walking on the shoulder of the road while bargain miscellaneous goods sold by street vendors will be a special experience. Various locally made souvenirs such as batik, rattan ornament, silver, bamboo crafts, puppet, blangkon (traditional hat of javanese), miniature traditional vehicles, accessories, key chains until all can be found easily. And you should be smart bargain souvenirs to buy.

Malioboro also be the way to other tourist locations in this region, such as Parangtritis, Stage of Krapyak, Yogyakarta Monument, and Mount Merapi.

(Source Travel Guide Yogyakarta, YogYES, Wahid Ar - Yogyakarta /Images Wahid Ar Photography)


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