Culinary Diversity in Kampoeng Tempo Doeloe

The village in old days or Kampoeng Tempo Doele, a celebration of food demonstration of a wide range of culinary in the past to tempt the taste. The celebration is become part of the Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival (JFFF), to enjoy various types of cuisine from various parts of Indonesia.

The theme of the show is the Gambir Market returns to the past, of course we can imagine what kind of event took place there.

When visitors are in the arena, nostalgic atmosphere senses surrounds the visitors, like a night market, a wide range of spectacle, exhibitions, and street vendors.

Demonstration of more than 100 food booths with 200 regional food variations no less scrumptious, like Iko Gantinyo Durian Ice, Ice Shake, Coffee Joss Mas Mul, Cabuk Rambak, Ibu Putu Betutu Chicken, and so you can find Mercon Noodle Ha-El, Java Noodle Tjap Wagon si-Mbah, Cireng Cipaganti and Fruit Soups, Mushrooms Satay, Srabi Notosuman, and Durian Pancake Aroma Medan. All delicious and guaranteed to thrill the tongue!

(Source JFFF, CA Setyanti - travelKompas, Tb Hadijaya - Kemayoran /Images JFFF)


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