10 Most Happily Countries based on OECD

Maybe you have plan a trip to these countries based on the OECD's Better Life Initiative, concerning some indicators, such as income and wealth, which is difficult to indicators such as community involvement.

Other indicators such as health and education, the quality of the local environment, personal security, and overall life satisfaction.

Here are the 10 countries on the OECD's Better Life Initiative.

1. Australia
2. Norway
3. Sweden
4. Denmark
5. Canada
6. Swiss
7. United States
8. Finland
9. Netherlands
10. New Zealand

From all the research respondents - 6000 peoples, agreed that achieving happiness includes factors such as life satisfaction, followed by health and education. Even though many other places can be considered as the purpose of your trip in times to come, hopefully.

(Source OECD, CNN, Kompas /Image W Sjahran)


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