Where is the land of the happiness?

How do you imagine a country which occupied by the happy people? Is the country can be found? It may can be found somewhere.

Sure to be some criteria you can imagine to this country. Look at a report from Columbia University's Earth Institute about the criteria.

Surveys carried out in 156 countries with the criteria, such as measurement of happiness on the basis of prosperity, income, health insurance, free of corruption, and free to choose the life.

The survey then shows the five countries in the top position, namely Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

What do you think?

An interesting article in a newspaper on November 22, 2013, a journalist wrote the article, about one of the place of happy people.

The journalist, Mawar Kusuma Wulan, describe exactly how the country is blessed ones. She traveled to Sweden.

Citing some of her writings, how the atmosphere in that country, such as the sun shines in summer does not feel hot. Maximum temperature is only around 25 degrees Celsius. Sunlight comes and goes, sometimes closed cloudy. As the destination of the people around in fall season, even if they want to meet each other, can be done outdoors while the sun shines warm.

Another illustration is the behavior of the inhabitants, how the people in these country, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Sweden.

Imagination can soar far as they can linger to enjoy the sun loungers while downing a pint of beer. Relax in the open air feels so comfortable because the city air is so clean.

"Autumn has always been my favorite. Winter can be minus 20 degrees Celsius, sometimes feels like winter will never end. That's why we're a lot more traveling to warm places," said Emily, one of the citizens of Stockholm.

Picture of the land of the blessed.

The hospitality of the land of the blessed. Perhaps it could be memories from the northern hemisphere. The country with the people who have a warm smile.

(Source Mawar Kusuma Wulan - Kompas, E Wijshijer - Netherlands /Images E Wijshijer)


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