"ScootinSilence" flight with Child-Free Zones

Of course there is a special thing when you fly on an air trip, the presence of children who may add to the hubbub in it. For some people maybe it is not a problem, but the presence of children can be very disturbing for others.

Of course this opens opportunities for a particular airline flight paths to open the specific area without the presence of infants and children around them.

Precisely flight with child-free zones.

Well, so then that happened. Scoot, a low budget airline from Singapore to offer it in accordance with the desires of most passenger aircraft.

Although they are not the first, because some airlines such as Malaysia Airlines to introduce free primary grade zone of children and adults in the areas of economy class in 2012.

Likewise, you will find that AirAsia also offers children free zone called the "Quiet Zone" in 2013. So, it's been prevalent for passenger aircraft.

What about Scoot? ScootinSilence, for those who yearn for peace and quiet, that's what they say in the website - a special area with additional costs 14 USD. There are 41 seats cabin is forbidden for children under 12 years of age with other facilities is an additional leg room about 10 centimeters longer than the economy class seats.

Then, when you fly with Scoot on a tour to various exciting locations in the world, just believe when these areas provide an calm and quiet atmosphere.

Flying in silence.

(Source Scoot, ABCNews, travelKompas, J Hervino - Singapore /Image Scoot)


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