Are you a Classic Travelers? Maybe ...

Perhaps we often see groups of tourists who were walking around at a tourist location, we consider a common thing everyday. Similarly, others may argue the same about you relating to the selection of the preferred tourist.

You certainly are in a certain category of tourist groups. Special personal who like a challenge, or seek comfort when traveling, art lovers who choose to come to places with artistic buildings. And so on.

An article from the Huffington Post, later quoted by a travel website specifically describe the category type of tourist or the travelers.

Are you one of them?

1. Classic Type. Fond of order, all had been arranged. Complete with detailed plans and itinerary. They often use the services of travel agents.

2. Harmony. They really care with other people or busying themselves with the interests of others in their daily lives, so the holiday is an opportunity for this kind individuals for "me time". Finding happiness from inside themselves.

3. Posh. They are logical and analytical, likes discussing science. Immediately offer intellectually stimulating journey. Museum is certainly going to be one of their favorite places or maybe the historical place.

4. Wild. They are type of fun doing extreme activities. Do not be surprised they are often carrying the backpack everywhere, they like to extreme attractions such as bungee jumping, rafting, cave or mount climbing.

5. Chill. You will like this kind of type of travelers, cheerful and things that are cultural. Spend the holidays with family and friends to the beach for example.

6. Artsy. Very creative, they like specific things related to music, art etc. In fact do not be surprised if they are showing something - a certain activity at tourist attractions, such as writing. And also they will seek special tourist sites related to something beautiful, such as artistic buildings.

7. Compassionate. This is an unique type of travelers, because they have a great tendency. They care about other people and the environment. Not surprisingly, they choose an activity that is concerned with the eco-tourism and nature activity.

So that others can immediately identify yourself, when in a tourist location.

(Source Huffington Post, travelKompas, F Benjamin /Image F Benjamin)


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