The Healthiest Cities In The World

This is the cities that gets the attention of various parties, because it has a thing that will certainly favored by tourists from anywhere. Of course there are many other cities that deserve similar attention, but here only delivered 5 healthiest city.

For a number of criteria in order to be perceived as the most healthy city is a low infant mortality criteria, adequate health facilities, public transportation to the government's commitment to provide green space is one factor that makes a healthy and livable city.

The results of the ranking done by The Guardian and The Economist compiled based on these factors. Combined with the behavior of its citizens and government investment in health as well as the long history of healthy living, create the following 5 cities becomes the healthiest cities in the world with a special attraction for the tourists, of course.

Singapore. The city is very clean with the health care infrastructure, so it is not difficult to see that the low infant mortality and high life expectancy that is 84.07 years.

Avoid littering and spitting in this city.

Tokyo. The most efficient transportation systems in the world as well as greenhouse gas emissions lower than most other Asian cities. Tokyo only spend as much as 4.89 tons of CO2 per capita. While Beijing and Singapore 10.8 tons 7.86 tons.

Perth. Top rated city as uninhabitable in 2013, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and also one healthy city for women in Australia. EIU ranking was based on five criteria: stability, health, education, infrastructure and culture and environment.

Copenhagen. City has always been at the top of the ranking list of global health for many categories of cycling culture and a large reduction in CO2 emissions over the last decade. Greenhouse gas emissions fell by 20% since 2005. Not only that, the local government's plan for the city to be a model first carbon neutral by 2025.

Monaco. It is located about 15 miles east of Nice. The city state has the highest life expectancy of 89.6 years. Monaco is a haven for the world's billionaires. Not surprisingly, the number of millionaires here is the biggest. Monaco finished version of the world's 13 healthiest cities to WHO.

(Source World Bank, The Guardian, The Economist, BBC, travelKompas /Image V Saver)


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