10 Cheapest Travel Locations for 2014

Where's your travel plans in 2014? Would have been in the mind, isn't it? An article about holiday spending reported by an institution, the Post Office, later quoted by the Daily Mail about the cheapest travel site in 2014 for British travelers can be taken into consideration.

The expense report is based on the calculation of vacation packages in the form of three meals for two people, a glass of beer or wine, and purchase moisturizing sunscreen, cigarettes, and mineral water.

Bali as a tourist destination turns in first place, followed by the Algarve in Portugal is 35 pounds and a row of Prague in the Czech Republic by 37 pounds, Kololi, Gambia by 38 pounds, and so on.

Here are 10 cheapest destinations for 2014 according to the British travelers.

1. Kuta, Bali £31.48
2. Algarve, Portugal £35.37
3. Prague, Czech Republic £36.82
4. Kololi, Gambia £38.38
5. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria £38.46
6. Costa del Sol, Spain £39.14
7. Marmaris, Turkey £40.87
8. Cape Town, South Africa £41.81
9. Budapest, Hungary £42.85
10. Hoi An, Vietnam £44.06

(Source Dailymail, travelKompas /Image S Wisaksono)


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