The shining Lovina beach in northern Bali

Lovina Beach has long been known as a unique beach in the north side of Bali with the attraction of dolphins beside the boat as when we sail there.

Travelers love the dolphins that often greet the fishermen in the waters around the coast.

Local governments saw widespread coastal appeal, they will rearrange Lovina Beach area to enhance the development of tourism in the northern region of Bali.

"After the establishment of Lovina Beach area as a new tourism region in northern Bali, the local governments would be free to develop it as a tourist destination and at the same time can increase the revenue of Buleleng regency," said Head of Public Relations of Buleleng, Gede Sugiartha, in Singaraja, Monday, May 27, 2013 ago, citing "Antara".

Lovina Beach located in the west side of Buleleng regency, about 15 kilometers from Singaraja. Local government plans are not just relying on a dolphin attractions, but create a comfortable atmosphere for tourists who vacation in the area of Lovina.

Of course support the fishing communities in the surrounding areas will make the northern region of Bali is more attractive, natural resources still untouched by modern life aura.

(Source Antara, NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas, I Wayan Setiawan /Images L Pandjaitan)


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