Bandaneira, Heaven in the East - Part 2

Fort Belgica and the Museum

When you had the opportunity inside the airplane on the way to Bandaneira, enjoy the blue sky and the azure blues of Banda Sea. Lucky for you witnessed the volcanic mountain - Gunung Api in the front of Island of Neira, as if want to say welcome about your presence.

Enjoying the scenery from the air above, small islands accompany such as the island of Banda Besar, Gunung Api and the blue water of the sea as well as busyness the fishermen rowing their boat.

Bandaneira thus unique, behold a building fort, Fort Belgica which built in 1611 under the the leadership of Governor-General Pieter Bot. VOC Fortress is located in top of a hill. Beautiful scenery in surroundings in which the standing in around the fort.

The tower intermediaries to assist in each side of Fort Belgica, constitute one of the fortress relics of Portuguese who ever become center of defense. Then switched the function of become traffic monitors of merchant ship in the times of Dutch colonial.

Really an invaluable relic past, there are various records historical. Goods relics of VOC in the form of various types of cannon, as well as several paintings hanging high in the above the wall, a story of the past era.

Look at the on the main room building, the museum, giant paintings hanging in the wall, described the massacre of the ruler people in Banda. The ruler and the rich people, those days are captive by the VOC guards and taken to the fortress of Nassau.

The spooky tale along time ago, massacre mass in front of their child and wife as well as their family, all the leader of Banda was killed cruelly by the samurai who hired by the VOC.

The times has been elapsed, Bandaneira is now save a lot of stories. Beautiful area with spectacular sea scenery, is now become deserted. Only some local residents who settled over there.

Continued to Part 3 ...

(Source L Pandjaitan, I Made Asdhiana - travelKompas /Image L Pandjaitan)


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