Climbing Mount Rinjani into Obsession

Mount Rinjani is a mountain that has always been an obsession of various circles, mountain climbers, volcanic environments researchers, photographers both professional and hobby, and of course the tourists. Climb the mountain while enjoying the panoramic beauty of nature.

This region formally established since 1997 as a National Park with an area of protected areas which reached 41,330 hectares. In the height of the mountain reaches a height of 3,726 meters (asl), would need to prepare with full gear for many people and the tourists, when the time has come for the climbing season.

When we reached the summit of the mountain region, there is a beautiful lake, Lake Segara Anak, following hot springs waterfall into another attraction. Habitats of endemic flora and fauna, natural phenomena that can be a source of germplasm and very useful for the development of science, education and research.

Mountain climbing are popular activities at The Rinjani National Park, with a 3 route for the ascent to the summit of Rinjani, but 2 route on the official suggestions for climbing, which is the Lawang Sembalun and the Lawang Senaru.

Mountaineering mentally and physically challenging while preparing tools for photography on Sembalun Route, spectacular scenery awaits you. Beautiful mountain, worthy of respect. Safety hiking and go green!

(Source Barry Kusuma, travelKompas, Nefo Ginting /Image Nefo Ginting - Mt Rinjani Ultra)


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