Please, Do not (Happen If) You Missed the Plane!

This is an annoying experience if occur to someone, a lot of things to spend. Money and time. The plan was to be a mess.

Although sometimes the only reason behind the problem is not so important, but the impact was huge. For example the traffic jammed and late wake up. Here are a few tricks you need to prepare.

1. Avoid the transit (connecting flight) with adjacent schedules. Prepare time minimum 5-7 hours following the departure time for the next flight to anticipated delay and other things.

Although transit flights are run by the same airline, passengers sometimes have to move to a different aircraft, moreover you do not familiar with the airport.

2. Make sure your passport and identity fixtures upon check-in and the period of validity. Prepare yourself for certain countries with different policies regarding passport validity period.

3. Travel time lapse to the airport. Better to wait longer than you are in a hurry to the airport.

Prepare at least three hours, considering several cities in the world prone to jams like in Jakarta, Bangkok and more.

4. The security and comfort if you like wearing jewelry or metal clothing accessories. Let go off before to the airport, so you are not disturbed by this things. Annoying when passing through a metal detector, it will take a lot of time.

Notice this following objects like scissors and sharp objects. Then plant life, as well as rules to bring liquids when going abroad.

5. Use online check-in facility to cut your time in line at the check-in counter. When you carry considerable baggage, speeding arrival two hours before departure.

6. Make sure where is the terminal and gate departure. Be risky if the airport is very broad.

Make sure that before leaving for the airport, you have to first know which terminal your airline is located. Find out the route how toward the terminal.

7. Do not get asleep like a baby, and you did not hear the announcement. Check the notice board every time you have to know the arrival and departure of aircraft, as well as in the event of change of gate.

8. Do not deep in conversation until you realized your name have been called to board the plane. Would bother when aircraft door is closed and the connecting bridge has been removed.

Sent the message on the gate officer to help remind, or when with friends, some one of you heard the announcement. Take advantage of the smartphone alarm for a reminder!

(Source NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Image Citilink)


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