Managing Money when Traveling?

An interesting article on one website discussing about the way of setting money for the tourist in a trip. It's important to you when traveling. Indeed need to anticipate when carrying cash while traveling.

1. Arrangement in separate wallets. To anticipate when we lose money in a wallet, the orher wallet stored other funds. May be lost or facing the ‘pickpocket’ on our way.

Distribute your money and put it in different places. In addition to purses and tote bags, spread your money in your purse, bag clothes, on medicine bottles or even more secure in the safe deposit box that are available in the hotel rooms. Avoid the money in the same place in the wallet.

2. Split into fractions. Need little money when purchasing goods. Learn how much the average cost of a taxi or bus, roadside hawker prices, souvenir price, and the entrance fee.

Split a little money in the bag and other in the big wallet big. In order not too often open your wallet.

3. The thin wallet detract pickpockets attention. Discard all the receipts and memorandum or other piece of papers in your wallet. Avoid other cards, such as a gym membership card when traveling.

Try with two purses, contains important cards and big cash in a big par. Other wallet contains coins or littles.

4. Optimize the use of e-money, credit cards and debit cards. Credit cards can be used at a given time when the payment of large amounts. Another option is a debit card, depending on the location and the situation.

5. Use the online facility at some tourist sites. If possible reduce the use of money and use the online facilities into the tourist sites, such as the museums (in some countries), if provided.

6. Purchase the season ticket for the public transportation. You can buy a season ticket for public transport such as the MRT, train or bus. Allow you to move quickly.

(Source travelKompas, Tubagus Af Atmaja - Japan /Image Prima Widi Hatmi)


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