Bandaneira, Heaven in the East - Part 1

Here's a compilation of articles by a journalist - I Made Asdhiana who visited an interesting island in eastern Indonesia and also some parts sources from my friend L Pandjaitan’s note.


A deserted town. Only passenger ships docked in the harbor down to make up the pulse of this city. Market traders quickly got up, they are waiting for passengers and anyone who will buy their merchandise.

Passenger ship did understand the needs of the town, they buy food and typical souvenirs of Banda and others such as kenari (almond) and pala trees (nutmeg), more spices. Merchant and passengers are happy together, isn’t it?

The ships leave and the passengers move on to the islands around, so that's the dynamics in the eastern Indonesian archipelago.

Travelers flock to this sleepy town, paradise in eastern Indonesia that is increasingly crowded visited by tourists, especially from Europe, to see first hand the remnants of the Dutch colonial heritage, natural beauty and underwater panorama can "hypnotize" the tourists.

Bandaneira, Banda, Maluku Islands, located in the southeast of the city of Ambon. Achieve it necessary to use boats and sometimes available aircraft departing in the morning on the 50 minutes, to avoid weather and unpredictable winds.

City that holds many natural attractions, history, and marine that are worth visiting.

Continued to part 2 ...

(Source L Pandjaitan, I Made Asdhiana - travelKompas /Image L Pandjaitan)


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