Dreadlocks Hair Cutting Tradition at Mount Dieng - Part 4

Macapat Dandanggula Song
The purpose trip of the guards and horse carriages increasingly crowded with peoples, while the ceremony equipment has been prepared. Carrier offerings and other equipment have also been packed, and now the time for them to open the package.

When they arrived at the courtyard of Arjuna Temple, the procession continues with ‘penjamasan’ (hair washing) before their dreadlock hair cut using the ‘jamasan’ water added with 7 form flower water from the “tuk” (a spring water) Bimalukar, Tuk Spring Buana, Tuk Kencen, Tuk Goa Sumur, Kali Pepek, and Tuk Sibido.

After hair washing (penjamasan) finished, dreadlocked children were escorted to a hair cut place in the Temple of Puntadewa, Arjuna Temple complex.

Ruwatan procession or dreads cutting done by the guests attendee who have been appointed accompanied by the macapat Dandanggula song, its sung during the procession led by the Dieng indigenous stakeholders, Mbah Naryono, 63.

”Ana kidung rumeksa ing wengi,
teguh ayu luputa ing lara,
luputa bilahi kabeh, jin setan datan purun,
paneluhan tan ana wani,
miwah panggawe ala,
gunane wong luput,
geni anemahan tirta,
maling adoh tan ana ngarah ing kami,
guna duduk pan sirna”

Furthermore thanksgiving procession, while the dreads haircut floated at Telaga Balekambang.

A group of foreign tourist said they were delighted to witness by firsthand the ruwatan dreadlocked child, an event that is not likely to be found in today's modern life.

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(Source Antara, Z Meirina – travelKompas, Wahid Ar /Image Wahid Ar)


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