Dreadlocks Hair Cutting Tradition at Mount Dieng – Part 3

Convoy of Carrier Offerings
The people and most of the travelers have been waiting for this moment of ceremony, they had gathered at the yard in front of the house of the Dieng traditional leaders. This is the time of ceremonial group convoy of children will be taken by horse-drawn carriage, delman.

Unique moments ceremony begins with a procession from the front of house of the traditional leaders, to the location of “ruwatan” (hair cutting) in Arjuna Temple complex. Thousands of tourists become more enthusiastic watching the ritual procession.

Dreadlocked kids wagon horse ride with the main guard, the two village elders "Ing Cucuk Ngayodya", two men carrying incense furnace repellent reinforcements, the soldiers carrying spears, ‘keris’ (a javanese traditional knife) and other heirlooms, and two men carrying the ‘lampah’ flower beak (to open the route).

Followed by a line of carrier offerings and ‘ubo rampe’ dreadlock kids, the carrying clothes women, young green coconut, plantain gold, chew of betel, makeup, various cups with 14 kinds of drinks, and others followed around the village elders, community arts groups traditional and local community. So mystical!

The procession events around the village would become increasingly crowded, after another group joining. Heard a noise from the audience and from the tourists also. Dreadlocked kids seemed calm.

Drums percussion sounds blared endlessly.

Continued to Part 4 ...

(Source Antara, Z Meirina – travelKompas, Wahid Ar /Image Wahid Ar)


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