Women Smarter in Planning a Vacation

Holidays have arrived! That happened later, confused. Yet when all is well planned, it would be a fun vacation. A travel site see that women are meticulous figure in planning a vacation.

It is obtained from a last month poll conducted by Skyscanner, from a thousand international travelers, nearly three-quarters of female respondents said they had done many vacation planning.

Citing kompas.com, June 26, 2013, Tika Larasati from Skyscanner Indonesia said that planning a holiday is not just meant to decide what to do and a place to visit, but also how to use the budget wisely.

Women are more meticulous in planning and being able to find a more attractive tourist offer. While the men think that more women's demands in planning their holidays.

Budget becomes critical, almost one in ten respondents said that they always disagree on matters of money. Unlike for example, when selecting a flight is the least cause dissent.

"Develop travel plans can be exhausting, especially when not only your own pleasure, but pleasure to think about your partner, friends or family," she said.

The survey results show that there is an agreement between men and women, nearly 95 percent of female respondents overall and 97 percent of male respondents happy in regulating decision making.

(Source F Prawitasari - travelKompas, PW Hatmi - Jakarta /Image Juanita E Sitompul)


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