Dreadlocks Hair Cutting Tradition at Mount Dieng – Part 2

Dreadlocks Kids
Dieng Culture Festival 2013 in Banjarnegara, Central Java is complete contains a series of cultural events, ornamental lanterns launch into the air, but the highlight of the awaited event is the main event in the form of 'ruwatan' (cutting hair) dreadlocked kids.

Ruwatan tradition which will be held in the courtyard of the Arjuna temple complex on Sunday, June 30, 2013 followed by dreadlocked kids. And usually to anticipate the children that being difficult and fussy, all the kids requests be obeyed.

There is a belief in locals Dieng, dreadlocked kids a "deposit" and there is a supernatural being with them. And any request from them must be obeyed, so that’s why they are privileged.

Many funny things of course, they ask pet chickens, bikes, new clothes and others that are not imagined by the adult people. This moment is always inviting the audience’s laughter around the court of the Arjuna Temple.

Continued to Part 3 ...

(Source Antara, Z Meirina – travelKompas, Wahid Ar /Image Wahid Ar)


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