Indonesia as a Summer Vacation Destinations

Entering the summer would be a lot of options to travel to various locations in the world, including Southeast Asia. Skyscanner, a global travel site reveals an interesting thing.

Citing the June 2013, the Southeast Asian region, including Indonesia, of course, be a region of tropical tourist destination for European travelers.

According to Skyscanner, many families from Europe, especially from the Netherlands, England and Germany who use summer vacation to travel to tropical countries like Indonesia.

These three countries were ranked as the top ten most travelers country will go to Indonesia this summer, they are the tourists coming in for a family group vacation.

Here's a list of 10 countries of origin of the foreign tourists who are going to Indonesia this summer:

1. Netherlands
2. Australia
3. Russia
4. Singapore
5. German
6. English
7. France
8. Saudi Arabia
9. Malaysia
10. Belgium

Summer vacation trip will certainly be a pleasant tourist experience and choose a variety of exotic locations in Indonesia.

(Source Skyscanner, NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas /Image Frank Benjamin - Gili Holidays)


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