Vacation Safely in Europe

When you choose Europe as a tourist destination, you want the trip went well as planned. If you have cheated on your tour, of course you will be irritated all the time.

Citing the experience of some tourists who have been to Europe, following tips that you need.

1. Be wary when you are in the cab. Often passengers "cheated" by the taxi driving all the lanes of the city, so that the bill rising. Ask for advice from the local residents about the taxi and what their price. Do not forget to record the driver's name, cab companies, and taxi plate.

2. Say "NO" when demand suddenly photographed. Some local residents often offer photo opportunities together, usually with a unique costume. They asked for money and extremely angry when you refused to give money.

3. Avoid friendly faces offering friendship bracelets and flowers. The experience gained by an author (Ericssen from Singapore), while in Italy, especially in Milan and Rome, many Africans who offer friendship bracelets and roses. It's just a trick! Avoid and say "NO"!

They will ask for the payment of money in abundance.

4. Say "NO" on rubbish petitions! Some people seemed to approach you asking to sign a petition, especially in Paris. For example, support charity activities. Avoid it!

They will ask for your money in a very large number! Avoid self-pity small children or pregnant women, when someone of them offers signature petition. This is a deceiver and evil plot!

5. Caution from the "Pickpockets" situations. Alert on them, set your wallet in a variety of ways, small nominal wallet. Nominal large, valuables, and important cards such as ATM cards and passports should be stored in the "magic bag" that can be tied around your belly.

Being careful is very important, even in a trip anywhere in this world.

(Source Ericssen Singapore - travelKompas, Wetty Sjahran - Germany /Image L Pandjaitan)


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