Most Romantic Cities in the World

You certainly never forget the many scenes of the film often taken in certain cities in Europe, such as Venezia in Italy. Apparently the travelers the world has its own outlook.

Travellers have certain memories of a town, the CNNGo site released eight most romantic city in the world that you can possibly visit with your beloved partner.

1. New Orleans, USA. The town is situated on the banks of the Mississippi River is rich with lots of ornate architecture, rich foods and alcoholic beverages typical of Paris. People (gumbo) who often wears a dark coat makes it more Occultism colorful although sometimes creepy.

New Orleans is a city of a former French colony, you will find a variety that is still a mixture of fascination with French culture and splendor of the Garden District.

2. Moscow, Russia. The capital of the former communist countries offer different romantic experience.

Like a blend of an authoritarian state where the former Tsar's palace, but it is a city characterized by a capitalist, so that one is easy to see Starbucks in downtown. Moscow is like a city in love with the characters and love is romantic strife!

Intellectual impression emerged with a bookstore that is open until late at night, splendor Gorky Park, old factories, galleries, nightclubs, as well as countless monuments, so you forget the past era of Soviet power.

3. Victoria, Seychelles. The capital of the country surrounded by beaches full except Victoria and you always feel far from the crowds.

Typical architecture of the British colony in the past, because England had been here. The temperature reached 27 degrees Celsius, but not too hot or cold. Unspoilt beaches, the beauty of the Vallée de Mai prehistoric times, and do not forget the typical dance Moutya.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina. State which is a mixture of indigenous peoples and the immigrant, such as German, Italian, and Spanish. Like a cup of mixed cultures of South America and Europe.

Tango dance is sensual, very agile danced by the young people in Tres de Febrero Park and the beauty of football in La Bombanera.

5. Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Romantic side that accompanies the freedom to do so, Venice canals, Paris art and passion are sexy. Everything in the city transport is using boats and bicycles.

Try to visit The Red Light District, the Oude Kerk (Old Church), at the most beautiful summer sunset at 10.00. View from the Magere Brug Bridge, what else untoward lover?

6. Havana, Cuba. This is where the antiques are romantic. The residents looks like the artist, they are often found when playing music, dancing everywhere.

A special place, for example, bring a partner to visit a bar in Hemingway, dinner at a paladar, the East Coast of the exotic and the amazing Plaza de la Revolución.

7. Barcelona, Spain. Cultured, cosmopolitan city has the easiest way to feel happy and exciting life after eight.

City beach with all night party and aura as the city of fashion, fashion with high confidence.

Enjoy it while walking in long hallways. through housing, galleries, cafes, bars, restaurants, and museums. It's amazing!

8. Paris, France. Is anyone doubts about this city? Very romantic, all of its people admit it! Being one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Enigmatic urban engineering, architecture is unique and different, but embrace a common vision.

No wonder if this city is the most visited in the world and is often named as the most beautiful. Ah, where to again and again watching the Montmartre, the Champs-Élysées majesty, the wall of "I Love You", the magic of the Eiffel Tower and the splendor River Seine.

(Source CNNGo, travelKompas /Images Sonya Maria)


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