3 worth visiting Indonesia's lakes in 2013

Referring to the news released from the Ministry of Tourism in Indonesia in early December 2012, several lake in Indonesia as the worth visiting tourist destinations to the events held relating to the lake tourism agenda.

The three lakes are Lake Toba, Lake Singkarak and Lake Sentani has its own tourism agenda as the main attraction for the tourists visiting there.

For example, the Lake Sentani Festival tour agenda of Lake Sentani, Papua, which has been held every year always bring foreign tourists to recognize the uniqueness of the seeded area.

Lake Sentani Festival is a folk festival held since 2007 in mid-June of each year for five consecutive days, with traditional dances on the boat, a typical war dance of Papua, traditional ceremonies such as the coronation Ondoafi, and serving a variety of culinary specialties Papua.

Things are different on the tour agenda on Lake Singkarak, West Sumatra, more flavorful sport, through an international bicycle race, the Tour de Singkarak.

Tour de Singkarak began in 2009 and more festive every year with participants from many countries continues to rise, it can be used as reference data from Robin Cassuto of Amaury Sport Organization (ASO) France. Tour de Singkarak occupies the fifth position in the size of the audience cycling race after the Tour de France, Giro a Italia, Vuelta a Espana, and the Santos Tour Down Under.

While widely recognized in Lake Toba with its tourism agenda - Lake Toba Festival - that combines cultural attraction to sports, such as boat races, swimming, fishing, jet skis and even to local cultural attractions as well as local culinary specialties and famous for its endemic fish that are not found in other areas, as well as in the lake Singkarak and Sentani.

Travel to the lakes in this archipelago, bringing an aura of its own, the cool air, quiet, unique atmosphere typical of the local culture and the openness local community that makes you surprise!

(Source NL Made Pertiwi - travelKompas, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy /Images Johan Mudas, AA Sumadri)


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