15 New Tourist Destination in Indonesia 2013

Ministry of Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Indonesia seriously to develop tourist destinations for 2013, stated in a discussion about tourist destinations in Indonesia in Jakarta, 27 November 2012.

There is the barrier for the tourists coming from abroad, such as lack of transport access for them who want to visit the places of tourist destination in Indonesia.

"Access to flights from abroad to Indonesia is limited, such as from abroad are no direct flights to Raja Ampat," said Firmansyah Rahim, Director General of Tourism Destination Development in Indonesia.

Flights that require several transit in cities, would be tiresome tourists and cost required to be high, necessitating an increase in tourism governance in 15 tourism destination choice through the Destination Management Organization (DMO) based on aspects of the tourist appeal of the potential to be developed.

Some of the 15 tourist destinations, has been widely known, and while some will need to be improved its tourist infrastructure.

Here are 15 new tourist destination in Indonesia 2013:

1. Pangandaran
2. Lake Toba
3. Komodo-Flores
4. Borobudur
5. Bunaken
6. Lake Batur, Bali
7. Rinjani
8. Old Town, Jakarta
9. Toraja
10. Bromo-Tengger-Semeru
11. Raja Ampat
12. Wakatobi
13. Tanjung Puting
14. Derawan
15. Sabang

(Source Antara, travelKompas /Image Veronica Saver)


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