Creepy houses in the World

When you visit a tourist destination, certainly want to visit the pleasant places. Now, what if you prepare yourself for different things? Something creepy?

Walking on the old buildings locations, although the architecture is beautiful but has a mysterious feel.

Visiting old castles in Scotland for example and several other tourist locations.

As quoted from the site, some homes or buildings are creepy locations but worth visiting, as follows:

1. Haunted castle in Scotland. Some old castles have "residents" of the spirit of curiosity, which is not visible, so as said by the locals.

For example, Glamis Castle.

2. Count Dracula in Romania. Speaking of Romania, of course we will be reminded of this, stop into Transylvania, Romania.

Although the story of Count Dracula is not the real story, but the myth has developed in such a way.

For example, Bran Castle, Castle Poienari on the mountain inhabited by vampire.

3. The House Jack the Ripper. Come to Whitechapel, East London, UK. Creepy tale about a serial killer. Jack the Ripper was said to have killed the prostitution along this road.

While enjoying the old buildings in London, who knows you meet the spirits of the victims there.

4. Le Manoir de Paris. Ah, Paris is always beautiful! Come to this place, witnessing the horror stories, such as Phantom of the Opera, The Vampire's Wine Cellar and The Catacombs of Paris.

Whatever all the stories about those places, in the end you can enjoy the tour over there, isn’t it?

(Source nydailynews, T Diela - travelKompas /Image Le Manoir de Paris)


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