Appropriate menu while flying in an airplane

It interesting to note when we are in an airplane, with the selection of an appropriate menu with the situation during the way. Selection of the right menu makes the trip more enjoyable.

A well-known chef who worked in airline Singapore Airlines, Hermann Freidanck, said travelers can avoid the usual problems faced by the body during air travel. The trick is to choose the right menu will be eaten.

Furthermore websie wrote his tips on the menu selection while travel, as follows:

1. Jet lag. - Choose foods protein with only a little portion. Food acts as a timer for the body. According to a research, it is recommended to eat a little time on the plane and arrived in a state still a little hungry.
- Freidanck said the best option is egg for breakfast.
- Other meals, choose chicken, tuna, or other fish with a color not too bright.
- Foods with high protein the body needs to be able to adapt to different time zones.

2. Motion sickness. - Choose foods and drinks made from ginger. Ginger is able to relieve motion sickness.
- It is recommended to choose a drink made from ginger if any. Almost all Asian food using spices ginger.

3. Indigestion. - Choose foods made from potatoes, fish, turmeric and pineapple. Air travel may weaken digestion and absorption of nutrients. Potatoes can give the effect of antacids or neutralize stomach acid.
- Use of food also contains turmeric for digestive problems.
- Pineapple is also able to overcome digestive disorders because it contains enzymes that can break down food in the stomach.
- Vegetables are a lot of materials and whole grains such as brown rice, to improve the digestive process.
- Meanwhile, the protein contained in fish are easier to digest than meat.
- Choose foods made from seafood such as fish and spicy saffron. Menu like curry can be an option, if you are prone to flatulence and digestive problems.

4. Anxiety. - Chewing celery before boarding a plane to reduce anxiety. Celery can provide a calming effect on the central nervous system.
- Dehydration can also cause stress, headache, and feeling irritable. So, drink plenty of fluids during the flight.
- Stay away from alcoholic beverages.

5. Fatigue. - Too long in the plane often makes the body tired easily. Freidank advised to choose protein-rich foods combined with fruits and vegetables.
- Foods containing chillies are also a good option. Therefore, the chili can improve sleep quality.
- The more that you can sleep on the plane, the more energy you will get in the next day.

(Source, travelKompas /Image Singapore Airlines website)


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