Voltaire had lived in the Palace of Sanssouci

The palace that has been declared by UNESCO as one of the world heritage site, located in Potsdam, Germany. The magnificent palace built in 1745-1747 by the Prussian King Friedrich II as a health resort during the summer palace which is located not too far from the center of the Prussian government in Berlin, about 30 kilometers.

The long history of the background of The Palace of Sanssouci (”no worries” – France), and even a French liberal thinker of the 18th century, Voltaire, once occupied one of the rooms there. Friedrich II, who had already become his correspondence, invited him to stay since 1750 until 1753. They often exchanged ideas and were close friends, and eventually conflict and Voltaire left Prussia.

Voltaire yellow-walled room with paintings arise shaped fruits, plants, and birds, and the ceiling is white. He spent much time in that room, music room, and dining room.

Magnificent 18th century palace with rooms rich ornaments, paintings, sculptures, and of course the history that makes the building story to thousands of visitors.

Landscape garden behind the palace area reached 1.6 square kilometers, is very attractive, with a pool and a fountain into a garden axis. So quotes an article written by a journalist a mass media, Antony Lee, who attended the course in an event program the International Institute for Journalism of GIZ at the end of September.

Of course every visitor that most travelers were impressed by the elegance of the palace, sculptures meet yard with plants here and there, a row of colorful blooms form on the side of the road lane.

True, no worries, its beauty will never fade, magnificent palace in Europe that holds a long journey from the history of the last century.

(Source Antony Lee - Kompas /Images wikipedia)


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