Want to sleep well during the flight?

It is certainly a challenge for those of you who were on a long trip in a flight. While the sound of the roar of the plane came to the inside, as well as possible noisy sounds from other passengers that come and go like passing in the corridor between the seats on the plane.

An article found on the CNNGo website wrote interesting review on this subject, quoting Sammy Margo, a sleep expert from London, England, said that it must be a challenge to be able to sleep soundly during the flight. Moreover, the human body is not designed to sleep while sitting.

According to Sammy Margo as well, it really depends whether you're on a plane with a trip that takes a long time or a short trip, and if you are in economy class or business class.

Course necessary to find an effective and convenient way, isn't it?

1. Hold control. Some ways to think in Margo's opinion is to make you comfortable surroundings and a standard approach to get a more comfortable sleep. Suitable clothing, avoid using a dress or clothes that are not suitable for use when flying.

Margo suggests to use the audio (eg avoid the noise of other passengers) rather than video, because the blue light of the television can affect the quality of sleep and will not even help.

Listen also (when available) to audio books or radio program, because it can distract you from the noise, and to help you to be more relaxed.

2. Leaned forward, not back. Take advantage of the empty area around you. Most passengers think the best sleeping position is to lower the body into the chair and laid back, it is hard if you sit in a chair with your arms in an uncomfortable position.

Try sleeping with head leaning on the dining table in front of your seat, it will make you more comfortable because you have their own area to sleep and free your hands could be on the table.

3. Bring your own sleeping equipment. Not all airlines provide blankets and pillows to passengers.

It is better you carry yourself these objects. Although airlines provide blankets and pillows, you will never know this thing is where ever, might have fallen.

In addition, also bring earplugs, blindfold and neck pillow, it can make you sleep more comfortably. Choose a pillow that can make you comfortable.

4. Picky eaters. Take hold of mineral water so you're not dehydrated, making it easier to fall asleep. Do not drink alcoholic beverages.

Avoid foods that are full of sugar. According to Margo, choose foods such as turkey, milk, wheat, and honey. These foods can help you fall asleep.

5. Sleeping pills? Margo said sleeping pills can indeed help some people who have difficulty sleeping. However, if you are not used to consume sleeping pills, the effect will become more sensitive so you have to be careful.

Note the length of travel, often occurs in people who use sleeping pills instead "faint" and fell asleep at the dinner table. You'd be hard woken up when the plane will land. Make sure what the proper dose for a long trip.

If the flying distance is not far/close relative, drank half of the dose and the need to consult a doctor for sleeping pills safely.

(Source CNNGo, travelKompas /Image Iib A)


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